Four Oaks Proud Award

Congratulations Mr. Paul Stacy Lee!

The Four Oaks Proud award is given by The Four Oaks Chamber of Commerce to individuals we feel go above and beyond for the chamber and the community of Four Oaks.  When the chamber board met to discuss this year’s recipient there actually was very little discussion about who should receive the honor this year!  We knew one person deserved this award. And that person is Mr. Paul Stacy Lee!

 In his retirement from teaching, Stacy has worked with the Four Oaks Economic Development, served as a town commissioner and held the position of Parks & Recreation Director with the Town of Four Oaks.  Stacy goes the extra mile to do things right and has put countless unpaid hours into his community, beautifying and promoting his hometown. 

Stacy stops by the Chamber often and always asks what he can do to help!  His willingness to assist the Chamber is so greatly appreciated.

Stacy is an amazing asset to the community of Four Oaks!  He sure does make us proud!