Four Oaks PROUD Day 2018

On Friday, June 1st, many Four Oaks businesses came together to celebrate the quaint small town of Four Oaks and the business community that calls it home.  In a show of unity, business owners and employees wore Four Oaks Proud t-shirts, promoting many of our local businesses whose logos and business names are spotlighted on the back of the shirt.  This was an opportunity for our businesses to come together to recognize and celebrate how much the Four Oaks business community has to offer.  This is also an ongoing opportunity to promote our businesses as people wear their shirts throughout the year.  The photos taken as part of the Four Oaks Proud initiative will also be placed into a video which will be spotlighted throughout town at Four Oaks Chamber of Commerce events.  If you would like to purchase a Four Oaks Proud shirt, they are available for sale at Cleo’s Closet and More Decor or the Four Oaks Chamber of Commerce for $10 each.  If you would like to submit your photo to be included in the Four Oaks Proud video please submit to by Monday, June 11th.