Ribbons Cuttings

Ribbon-cutting, grand-opening events are a great way to open a new business or a new location. These types of events offer you the opportunity to publicly thank your customers, financial backers, friends, and family, and talk about your products and services.


If you are a For Oaks Chamber member, we can help with your event! The Chamber will:

  • Send out an email to Ambassadors and Chamber Board Members inviting them to attend.
  • Help promote your event on this website.
  • Announce your event on our social media sites. Just email your event details at least two weeks before the event.
  • Send a representative to attend your event. Please coordinate your date with the Chamber if at all possible well in advance to avoid date and time conflicts.
  • Provide the “giant scissors” and ribbon at the event … a great photo opportunity!
  • Publish your event wrap-up with your photo on the website and social media.