Please welcome new member, OPW Retail Fueling!

OPW is recognized around the world as the industry standard in fluid handling equipment.  OPW started 125 years ago as the Ohio Pattern Works and Foundry Company, and today is revolutionizing fluid handling operations globally by optimizing safety, efficiency, reliability and environmental sustainability through innovative fluid handling and information management solutions.  Our Smithfield, North Carolina location manufactures piping and containment products and systems for use in retail and commercial applications to protect people and the environment and to promote operational efficiency.

OPW is known for it’s community contributions.  As an organization they pride themselves on their support of several local non-profits and are committed to providing jobs to our local community.  OPW currently employs 235 local residents and are expanding their facility operations to employ a growing number of residents by 2018.

Welcome to the Four Oaks Chamber of Commerce!  We are pleased to see your commitment to the local communities that support your manufacturing efforts and we look forward to partnering to support local business!